Victorian Powerchair Premier League

What is Victorian Powerchair Sports Premier League?

Victorian Powerchair Premier League (VPPL), formerly called Winter Season, is a club-based competition for people with a physical disability.

The Premier League has two different sports, Powerchair Football/Soccer and Powerchair Hockey. The league is open to all ages, genders and disabilities.

All league matches will be played at the Aquahub in Croydon on Sundays with the current format:

1pm: Training

2pm: Powerchair Football

3pm: Powerchair Hockey

History of Victorian Powerchair Sports Premier League

The first Winter Season was held in 2015 when VEWSA recognised the importance of establishing a competition for Powerchair Football in Victoria. Powerchair Football was introduced in Australia in 2011 when international players from the United States, France and Japan held a workshop in Sydney. Between 2011 and 2015, VEWSA held regular training sessions for a Victorian representative team to prepare for the Australian Powerchair Football Nationals. The competition featured Melbourne City and Melbourne Fury in Powerchair Football from 2015 – 2017. In 2018, South Melbourne FC established its own Powerchair Football Team which replaced Melbourne Fury. Powerchair Hockey was introduced in the 2017 Winter Season with Penguins and the Rangers as the two teams.


2015: Melbourne City

2016: Melbourne City

2017: Melbourne City, Penguins

2018: South Melbourne, Rangers


2018: Melbourne City, Penguins

What’s the format of the competition?

The season will begin in May and conclude with the Championship Final in October. There will be 13 rounds consisting of one match of each sport. The teams on top of the league table will be deemed ‘Premiers’.

  • Each sport will have two 20-minute halves.
  • Different clubs for each of the sports.
  • There is a 10km/h speed-limit for Powerchair Football and a 15km/h speed limit in Powerchair Hockey.
  • A team must have a minimum number of 4 players, no more than 8.
  • One transfer market (Prior to Round 1) will give teams the opportunity to draft, trade or loan players.
  • Training sessions will be held during the season.
  • A team of up to eight will be picked to represent Victoria at the Australian Powerchair Football Nationals event held in Sydney.
  • Powerchair Football clubs can compete at the Club Championships in January.

What are the sports played?

There are two sports played during the Premier League.

A metal guard is mounted onto a player’s powerchair which is then used to push and ‘spin-kick’ a 330mm Football.

Powerchair Football is a very tactical sport that requires skill, team work and communication. The sport is strictly non-contact and features at two National competitions as well as Internationally with a World Cup held every four years.

Powerchair Hockey is broadly based on Ice Hockey/Floorball. A barrier surrounds the court which allows players to rebound the ball. It is a competitive, high intensity sport. It is a fast-paced, tactical game and thus an excellent spectator’s sport! Powerchair Hockey is relatively new in Victoria but with two Victorian in the current Australian Team, the sport is bound to grow! The sport is played Internationally with a world championship held every four years.

Who can play?

Anyone in a powerchair can play in the competition. The Premier League is a mixed competition open to all ages and abilities.

What equipment is needed?

Those who are interested in trying out the sports can attend any round to have a look at the sports in action. If a player decides to join, a metal guard is required for Powerchair Football. VEWSA can loan guards out but we will encourage players to make their own guards which best suits their powerchair. We can also point you in the right direction on where to get some made up!

How can I join or express interest?

Whether you’re an interested player, coach, referee or volunteer, please get in contact with us through our EOI form linked below!

For more information about the league, the sports, and to discuss your suitability please contact VEWSA’s President, Luke David on 0424 160 174 or

What’s next? What’s after the Premier League?

A squad of up to 8 will be selected from the Premier League to represent Victoria at the Australian Powerchair Football Nationals held interstate in October.  Following the Nationals, VEWSA runs the Victorian Powerchair Sports League (VPSL) which includes both sports again but with Powerchair Rugby as well. This league has a set team for all three sports. Throughout the season, VEWSA has the opportunity to send Powerchair Football and Powerchair Hockey clubs to compete at the Club Championship competitions in both sports.

Calendar of Events

Fixture of the Victorian Powerchair Premier League 2019