Powerchair Football

What is Powerchair Football?

The sport originated in France during the 1970’s and was introduced in Australia in 2011. The sport is played with two teams of four players. Players use their powerchair to push and ‘spin-kick’  a 330mm Football.

Powerchair Football is a very tactical sport that requires skill, team work and communication. Anyone who uses a powerchair for everyday mobility can play Powerchair Football,  this means all genders of any age. Players from Victoria and around the world have a range of disorders which include forms of Muscular Dystrophy and Cerebral Palsy.

The sport is strictly non-contact and has a speed limit of 10km/ph and features at two National competitions as well as Internationally.

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Get Involved

Powerchair Football is played throughout both of our competitions in summer and winter. During summer, Powerchair Football is played alongside our other two sports in the Victorian Powerchair Sports League (VPSL). This competititon runs from November to April and leads into National Electric Wheelchair Sports (NEWS). This competition features the Dragons and Scorpions who battle it out each round and then go head-to-head in our annual Pride Cup event.

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In winter, the Melbourne City and South Melbourne compete in the Powerchair Football Premier League competition. This competition starts in May and concludes in October and leads into the Club Championships hosted in Sydney.

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If you want to learn how to play Powerchair Football , come along to a Sunday afternoon round at the Aquahub in Croydon, from 1pm. We welcome all ages, genders and skill level – all you need to bring is your enthusiasm!

If you are interested in trying Powerchair Football for the first time or would like more information about Powerchair Football , from local competitions to national competitions, contact Luke David at luke.david@vewsa.org.au


Melbourne City Powerchair Team competes in the Victorian Powerchair Premier League and the major Australian domestic competition, the Australian Club Championships. The team was established in 2015 after Luke David and Craig Kilby approached the Melbourne City Football Club. The team was the first Powerchair Football team in Victoria.

The team is supported by Melbourne City FC, VEWSA and Support Your Way. The team plays its matches at Aquahub in Croydon. Managed by Luke David, the team’s training is currently based in Bundoora.

Melbourne City Powerchair Team currently has open spots for new players to join. Whether you want to play for fun or you want to compete at the highest levels of the sport, our team will welcome you with open arms. To express interest in joining please contact Luke David via luke.david@vewsa.org.au or mobile 0424 160 174. The team is also looking for new volunteers to jump on board.

South Melbourne Powerchair FC was founded in 2018. Established under the auspices of the Victorian Electric Wheelchair Sports Association (VEWSA), the team provided an opportunity for competitive powerchair football in Victoria for the first time. Craig Kilby was appointed as the President of the Club, Jules North-Coombes as the inaugural Captain and Rebecca Gulle the Coach.