Powerchair Rugby

What is Powerchair Rugby?

Powerchair Rugby is modified version of Rugby League and was introduced in 1990 at the fifth National Electric Wheelchair Sports (N.E.W.S) event. The sport is played by imagining the flight of a ball between numbered players who call the number of their team mate who is intended to receive the ‘ball’. Players make tackles by making contact with their powerchair. This is to make the sport as fair as possible, where players only need a voice and good driving skills to compete. A tennis ball is used to commence play and to convert a TRY into a GOAL.

Played on an indoor basketball court over two, 15 minute halves, two teams battle it out using their powerchairs to crash into their opponents in an attempt to stop them from scoring a try. A try is achieved when a player crosses the opposition’s goal line with possession of the imaginary ball.

It is a contact sport and players are required to have a foot-guard on their electric wheelchair. It has a speed limit of 10km/ph.

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How to get involved

Powerchair Rugby is played throughout the Victorian Powerchair Sport League from November to April.

If you want to learn how to play Powerchair Rugby, come along to a Sunday afternoon round at the Aquahub in Croydon, from 1pm.

We welcome all ages, genders and skill level – all you need to bring is your enthusiasm!

If you are interested in trying Powerchair Rugby for the first time or would like more information about Powerchair Rugby, from local competitions to national competitions, contact Luke David at luke.david@vewsa.org.au

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Powerchair Rugby Champions of VEWSA

Winter Season:

2002: Warriors

2003: Warriors

2004: Warriors

2005: Warriors

2006: Warriors

Summer Season:

2008/09: Patriots

2011/12: Broncos

2012/13: Broncos

2013/14: Storm

2014/15: Panthers

2015/16: Patriots

2016/17: Storm

2017/18: Patriots

Victorian Powerchair Sports League:

2018/19: Scorpions

Victorian Warriors vs. Western Australian Wasps at NEWS 2019.