What is Hockey?

Hockey was the first electric wheelchair sport played in Victoria and was the only sport played at the first National Electric Wheelchair Sports (N.E.W.S) event in 1986. It’s one of two forms of Hockey that has been modified for people who use an electric wheelchair for mobility. This form of Hockey is broadly based on Field-Hockey.

The sport is played indoors on a basketball court that is divided into three areas of equal size. These areas are referred to as defence, centre and forward. At the centre of each end (goal line), a half circle of five metres diameter is marked on the court and is known as the shooting circle. Players can only score goals from within the shooting circle.

There are five positions on the court, goalkeeper, defender, left-wing, right-wing and centre. The centre player is permitted to move between the two shooting circles but most not enter them. The left and right wing players can access the centre and forward sections of the court, however cannot enter the defensive third. The goalkeeper and defender are restricted to only their defensive third of the court.

It is strictly a non-contact sport and has a speed limit of 10km/ph. A team consists of six players, five on the court and one substitute who may be interchanged throughout the game.

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