Our Sports

The sports that we play are not only exciting, skill-driven and dynamic, they are sports that open national and international pathways for participants to compete at the highest levels.

Powerchair Hockey

The sport is played with two teams of five players. Powerchair Hockey is broadly based on Ice Hockey/Floorball. A barrier surrounds the court which allows players to rebound the ball. It is a competitive, high intensity sport. It is a fast-paced, tactical game and thus an excellent spectator’s sport.

Rules of Powerchair Hockey

Played with either a:

 Hockey Stick  T-Stick
Light-weight floorball stick Plastic ‘T-Stick’ fitted to the wheelchair

Victorian Warriors vs. New South Wales Strikers at NEWS 2019

Powerchair Rugby

Powerchair Rugby is the toughest sport on wheels! It is a fast paced, tactical sport that is modified to include anyone and everyone in a powerchair to participate in. A tennis ball is used to commence play and to convert a TRY into a GOAL. The game is played by imagining the flight of a ball between numbered players who call the number of their team mate who is intended to receive the ‘ball’. Players make tackles by making contact with their powerchair.  (click to view rules)

Victorian Warriors vs. Western Australian Wasps at NEWS 2019.

Powerchair Football

Drawing inspiration from indoor soccer, Powerchair Football is played on an indoor court with a soccer ball 1.5x the size of a traditional soccer ball. Players dribble and kick the ball around the court with a specially designed bull-bar and powerchair, intended to get maximum power on the ball. It is fast-paced and dynamic sport for spectators and players alike. (click to view rules)

South Melbourne vs. Melbourne City