International Competitions

Athletes from our Victorian Powerchair Sports League (VPSL) & Powerchair Premier League are selected to represent Victoria and clubs at National competitions. At these National competitions, selectors from different states keep a close eye on the performances of every player participating. For more information on International pathways, please contact

Currently there are two different International competitions:

Fédération internationale de Powerchair Football World Cup

Fédération Internationale de Powerchair Football Association (FIPFA) is the international governing body for Powerchair Football. The first Powerchair Football World Cup was held in 2007 and hosted by Japan. France hosted the next World Cup in 2011 where the US National Team won its second title.

The 2017 Powerchair Football World Cup was held in the United States where France claimed their first World Cup. The Australian Powerchair Football Association (APFA) are responsible for Australia’s participation in this event and recently finished 4th at the 2017 World Cup.

Australia will hold the 2021 World Cup in Sydney!

Find out more: FIPFA World Cup

IWAS Powerchair Hockey World Championships

Australian Powerchair Hockey Association (APCHA) are responsible for Australia’s participation in international competitions. Australia first competed in the 2004 World Cup Hockey Competition, in Helsinki. The Australian team was ranked 8th at the 2018 Powerchair Hockey World Championship held in Italy. Two VEWSA players represented Australia at the recent World Championships.

Watch the World Cup matches here 

Visit IWAS Powerchair Hockey for more information.