Our Competitions

VEWSA currently runs two different competitions throughout the year. There are key differences to the two competitions, such as the sports played, the teams and the pathways to national competitions.

If you’re interested in being part of one of the competitions or learning powerchair skills, you can contact Luke David at luke.david@vewsa.org.au

Victorian Powerchair Sports League (VPSL) (November – April)

VPSL is the showcase for powerchair sports in Victoria. The league displays the all-round skills of each athlete in the three sports of Football/SoccerHockey and Rugby. The league is open to all ages, genders and disabilities.

All rounds will be played at the Aquahub in Croydon on Sundays. Rounds will be fortnightly and will run from 1pm – 4pm.

Season 2019/20 details to be released soon!

Powerchair Premier League (May – October)

Victorian Powerchair Premier League (VPPL), formerly called Winter Season, is a club-based competition for people with a physical disability.

The Premier League has two different sports, Powerchair Football/Soccer and Powerchair Hockey. The league is open to all ages, genders and disabilities.